Whistonbrook Technologies Limited designs and manufactures electrochemical equipment to meets your exact requirements. We can develop single instruments for R&D projects, carry out instrument development for SME or start-ups marketing a complete measurement system or perform contract development for instrument manufacturers. We can develop an instrument based on our standard units or develop a new custom instrument to your requirements.

We also design and supply market research loggers and micro instrumentation which can be embedded in products or product packaging to collect and download usage information.

Unlike other OEM or suppliers who customise their existing products, we give you the information and IPR to allow you to manufacture your instruments. We can transfer the manufacture to one of our partners so you take control. This gives you protection from OEM manufacturers who can change their specifications without warning.

Custom equipment is not expensive and can be less costly than purchasing an electrochemical workstation.

Instrumentation can include

  • Potentiostats

  • Galvanostats

  • Potentiomters

  • Load Cells

  • Laboratory control systems

  • Electrodeposition

  • Data loggers

  • Specialist PC software

We supply

  • a range of standard off-the-shelf instrumentation.

  • semi-custom instrumentation

  • full custom instrumentation

  • prototype devices for research

  • POC IVD and Medical Devices

  • devices for clinical trials

  • electroplating Equipment

  • pre-production devices to help obtain regulatory approval.  

  • embedded electronics

Our Expertise


This week at Whistonbrook, we are alpha testing our new micropot potentiostat. It is available as a stand-alone potentiostat, as a PC controlled lab instrument and as a portable instrument with full colour graphics touch screen. It is also available as an OEM board to be controlled by a customer's own instrument. Call us for further details or email us at info@whistonbrook.com

A new high current potentiostat with a maximum current of 500 mA per channel is now available.

This joins our popular 4-channel Quad Potentiostat unit which is now available with a 20mA per channel current range. 

Call or email us for further details at info@whistonbrook.com

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A new high current potentiostat with a maximum current of 500 mA per channel is now available.

Our popular 4-channel Quad Potentiostat is now available with a 20mA current range. Call us for further details or email us at info@whistonbrook.com

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