MicroPot Potentiostat


Whistonbrook continues to develop new instrumentation for our customers.

The MicroPot potentiostat is a mini potentiostat with all the features of our larger lab potentiostats. By using the latest technology we have reduced the size and power requirements and also the cost of our latest potentiostat. The MicroPot board is just 40mm X 75 mm with a variety of connections to interface to electrodes and communication links.

It can be supplied with simple chronoamperometry methods or more complex Cyclic Voltammetry, Linear Voltammetry, Differential Pulse Voltammetry or Square wave Voltammetry methods


It can also be configured to measure open circuit potential and potentiometry. It has two current ranges that can be configured to meet the customer’s requirements. The board can be supplied with current ranges from 100nA to 10mA giving measurement precisions of between 10pA and 1uA.


Powered by usb or internal batteries, it can be supplied in a variety of configurations;


A. a stand-alone potentiostat with results stored in data memory to be downloaded via an usb link later


B. a PC controlled potentiostat for lab experimentation, allowing multiple MicroPots to be connected to a single PC for multichannel experiments,


C. a portable hand-held instrument, with a LCD graphics touch screen  for application where a stand-alone device is required in the field.


or as combination of all three configurations


It is also available as an OEM slave board, controlled by a master instrument from an on-board microprocessor and can be supplied in a plastic or metal case or if required in as IP66 water proof enclosure