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Multi-channel Potentiostats

Over the last 20 years we have design a variety of multichannel potentiostats for our customers, both sequential and simultaneous with the number of channels varying from 2 to 96. Below are three examples of our multichannel potentiostats. 

The micro multichannel (eight channel) potentiostat was design for clients to test the operation of electrode arrays. The small units can be sealed in small enclosures and connected to the USB port of a laptop to both power and control.

The quad potentiostat was originally designed for customers carrying out chronoamperiometric measurements on bio-fuel cells for an extended period of time. The unit can be configured to continuously make measurements. It has been successfully supplied to clients all around the world and is available to order.

The high current version was developed later for a specific project

Micro eight channel potentiostat
Quad 4 - channel potentiostat
High Current Quad 4 - channel potentiostat
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