We design custom solutions to meet the exact requirements of your projects. These can be electrochemical instrumentation, potentiostats or galvanostats, Medical Diagnostic or POC units, Fuel Cell Testing Equipment, Data Loggers or electronic equipment for process control or laboratory automation.

Potentiostats and Galvanostats

Medical Diagnostics and POC


We can design, develop and supply custom potentiostats or galvanostats to meet your exact requirements. This includes

  • specific current ranges

  • custom enclosures

  • portable or external uses

  • multichannel potentiostats 4 - 96 channels

  • battery or mains power

  • touch screen displays

  • specific experimental methods

  • custom PC software

If you require a potentiostat or galvanostat that performs a specific task or needs to meet a demanding specification contact us to see what we can do for you.

Point Of Care instrumentation

  • prototypes for technology transfer projects

  • biosensors trial or demonstration instrumentation

  • portable or bench-top

  • academic research or startup company development

Micro-measurement instrumentation

  • micro-data loggers

  • designed to measure a variety of parameters

  • interfacing to complex chemical and bio sensors or physical sensors

  • can be fitted within products or equipment

Load Cells

Instrumentation for developing and testing fuel cells or biofuel cells

  • instruments that will apply a current load or load a circuit to a potential limit.

  • simple current load devices

  • complex fuel cell test equipment with measurement inputs and control outputs

  • supplied with user software which allows the tester or developer to program complex test proceedures.

Market Research Loggers

Market Research Data Loggers that

  • can be fitted within products or equipment

  • measure chemical or physical parameters

  • when a product is used

  • recording how a user or product behaves

  • store data for long time periods

  • transmit data via wireless links


Electroplating and Electrodeposition

Electroplating and Deposition

  • Simple plating

  • plating and monitoring

  • plating with V and I measure

  • pulse plating

  • single or multichannel

  • cell control systems

  • pH and level measurement

Academic Teaching and Demonstration Systems

Demonstration and Teachning Electronics

  • teaching aids

  • display units

  • demonsration units

  • academic instrumentation