Our Expertise

Experts in Whistonbrook Technologies have over 40 years of experience in electrochemistry and electronics. We have been involved in many collaborative projects since the formation of the company in 1998. We will work closely with you to design the perfect solution for your project.
Electronics for Electrochemistry
Embedded Intrumentation
User Interface Software

The design of electrochemical instrumentation requires a specialist knowledge of both electronics and electrochemistry. We design

  • potentiostats

  • galvanostats

  • potentiometers

  • load cells

  • instruments with 

    • low current ranges 

    • minimium noise

    • battery powered

    • waterproof

    • embedded methods and techniques

Electrochemical Sensors

We can help you design your custom electrodes

  • pH electrodes

  • Reference electrodes

  • screen printed sensors

  • optimise your measurements

  • with our partners we can facilitate the production of sensors for research and development projects or trial studies


We are experienced in the design of modern instrumentation.

  • embedded microprocessors 

  • Microchip microprocessors

  • A-to-D and D-to-A converters circuits

  • development of Real-Time firmware

  • usb comms circuits

  • memory and SD cards


We are interested in the miniturisation of measurement instruments

These have included

  • simple electrochenical measurement devices.

  • data logging devices incorporated into products for trial tests.

  • measurement instruments or data loggers

  • consumer recording or product behaviour devices.

  • devices that downloaded data after the trial ends

  • real-time wireless versions


We develop PC control and display software.

  • downloads instrument setup

  • controls instrument operation

  • displays data in real time

  • stores data to user-freindly files

  • analyses data and finds peaks

  • stores and displays results

  • produces quality control charts

  • dedicated touch screen displays, allowing instruments to be operated without connection to a PC.


Our knowledge of embedded electronics and control firmware allowed us to develop

  • a variety of demonstration equipment

  • prototype medical devices

  • demonstration units for the water industry.

  • display boards for teaching projects