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10 good reasons for choosing custom instrumentation:

Whether it is very low current or low noise, single or multichannel instrumentation, bench top or portable,  we can supply you with your desired equipment. Software can be easily changed when method or measurement changes. Applications in medical diagnostics, POC, environmental analysis, process measurement and education. See some of the possible custom features.

  •  Instruments are designed to fit your exact requirements whether its a potentiostat, a galvanostat or a potentiometer.

  •  Equipment can have waterproof casing or special connectors.

  •  Portable, bench top or micro-instruments are all possible.

  •  Instruments can be fine tuned to have a specific range or property.

  •  Low Cost Electrochemical Instrumentation that is designed specifically to perform a simple method.

  •  Software  is pre-programmed with specific measurement processes and different  methods. 

  •  Automatic Analysis of Data. Software that finds specific peaks or plateaus and calculates results automatically.

  •  Performs Complete Measurements. Instruments that perform several measurement steps including blanks, calibrations and sample scans.

  •  Historic Data Analysis. A database of past results with statistics.

  •  Graphic User Interface (GUI) can be developed with the customer.

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