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Our Team

Our team is highly experienced and skilled in developing measurement software and embedded instrumentaton. We work as a team, with our clients, to develop creative and innovative custom solutions. Collaborating with our customers and if needed, their end users to help to develop practical solutions. The team at Whistonbrook have long experience of developing holistic measurement and control systems which take into account the user's complete working practise. We have a broad capability of technologies to call on by using our network of associate partners. We can call on any of our partners and associates with complimentary skills to help to provide these solutions.

Dr. Stephen Edwards

Founder and Technical Director of Whistonbrook Technologies Limited. He has a degree in Applied Chemistry, a MSc in Microelectronic Design and PhD in Sensors and  Instrumentation. Since founding Whistonbrook Technologies Limited in 1998, he has been the principle scientist/design engineer on a large number of collaborative research projects. He is responsilbe for the design of instrumentation and embedded electronics. He has many years experience in the research of electrochemical sensing systems and has several patents on pH, Reference Electrodes, ISEs, voltammetric and remote systems. Steve is also a Chartered Chemist

Stephanie McIntyre

Founder and Director of Whistonbrook Technologies Limited. She has a BSc Honours Degree in Applied Chemistry with many years of experience in the Research and Development of sensor and instrumentation. At Whistonbrook Technologies Limited she is responsible for the manufacture and testing of instrumentation and all new products.

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