Solutions - Potentiostats and Galvanostats

Custom Designs

We can design an instrument to meet you exact requirements. This can be an entirly new design or can be a combination or modification of one of our existing standard instruments or one of our library of designs.

Quad Potentiostat

The Quad Potentiostat is a 4-Channel potentiostat with a single factory fitted current range designed specifically for sensor testing in the development and production market. It includes 4 isolated potentiostats, which can be configured in a number of ways.

ezeSCAN Potentiostat

The ezeScan4 is a simple to use, low cost, computer controlled potentiostat specifically designed for academic and research institutions where more complex potentiostats are not required.

Dual Analogue Potentiostat

This low noise, low current  dual potentiostat for neurophysiology or neuroscience physiological studies is powered by rechargeable batteries and has four gain ranges from 1nA/V to 1mA/V output. 

ezePG Potentiostat

The ezePG with  ezePG200 software is a PC controlled electrochemical unit designed for higher current and more complex experiments. It can perform both potentiostatic and galvanostatic techniques and has five gain ranges from 10 microamp to 100 milliamps.

Analogue Potentiostat

Our popular analogue potentiostat has been upgraded with new features. Powered by rechargeable batteries with a very low noise it now includes an internal settable applied potential and a LCD display. The potentiostat has two analogue signal inputs (dc and ac) which are summed and applied to the electrodes via the potentiostat circuit.