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Analogue Potentiostats

We continue to develop custom analogue potentiostat for our clients who require the applied potential signal and the output measured current signal to be purely analogue and not affected by digital filtering or smoothing. The potentiostats below were developed in collaboration with our client which allowed us to supply these designs to other customers.


This low noise analogue potentiostat is powered by rechargeable batteries and has 4 gains, which are manually selectable. It has two analogue inputs and a +/- 5V analogue output with 4 current ranges from 1mA/V to 1μA/V. It also has internal applied potential control with a 10 turn potentometer, a lcd display for current or voltage

and the option to include two further lower gains. It is available to order.


This low noise, low current, two channel analogue potentiostat is powered by rechargeable batteries and has four manually selectable gains. It includes an internal settable applied voltage with LCD and an analogue input for an external settable applied voltage. The  currents are measured via three +/- 5V outputs, two for each channel and one for the difference. Four current ranges from 1nA/V to 1μA/V are included with three filter options.

It can be supplied with higher custom current ranges from 1μA/V to 1mA/V and/or with electrode leads and connectors for 1mm microelectrodes. It is available to order


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