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Custom Instrumentation

We can design an instrument to meet you exact requirements. This can be an entirely new design or can be a combination or modification of one of our existing standard instruments or one of our library of designs. Intruments can be design with a varity of features to meet non-standard requirments (see features). Below we have given two examples of instruments we have designed for previous customers.

Portable Potentiostat

A SME customer requested us to design a small portable potentiostat unit to be used with a custom designed single use screen printed electrode for a trial project. The instrument should consist of two idependent potentiostats each with an input for a working, reference and counter electrode. 


Each potentiostat should be capable of running a CV, finding a peak height and have a max current of 1mA with a resolution of 1nA. The unit was to be operated in the field for a minmium of eight hours and to store not only the results of the electrochemical test but the entire scan data for each measurement. It was required that the unit could hold in memory at least 1000 measurements.

Laboratoty Electrode Test Instrument

A new bio-diagnostic start-up required several quad channel potentiostats to test screen printed sensor electrodes in the quality control laboratory. Each independent potentiostat channel required three electrode inputs. Each channel required a max current of 200uA with a 1nA resolution. PC software was needed to run the test procedures and store and display the data

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