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Custom Interface Software

Instrument Control

The majority of digital potentiostats are controlled in real-time via a PC or laptop. This can be a simple a START or STOP command to start a complete scanning process or individually controlling the hardware of the potentiostat such as connecting/isolating a cell, applying a specific potential or changing a current range. We can provide a user interface that meets your exact requirements.

Measurement Parameter Setup

Measurement conditions or parameters are usually stored in the potentiostat to allow units to be moved from one location to another without having to setup methods again. These measurement conditions are uploaded when the unit is first connected to the PC. Conditions can be altered and are downloaded when the scan is started or downloaded from a setup screen when more complex or numerous parameters are required to be entered.

Graphical Displays

Graphic user displays can be custom designed to meet the customer's needs. Graphs, scans and tables can be used to display data and calculated results. These can be graphs showing multiple scans or multiple graphs. Graphs can be enlarged to full screen size or graphs can be displayed as needed by selecting from smaller graphs or tables.

Data Analysis

Results can be calculated from measurement scans, stored to file and dsiplayed in tables or graphs. Tables of previous scans can be displayed allowing users to view past results or scans by selecting from the table. Quality Control data can be calculated and displayed in graphic or table form.

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