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2 Amp Quad Potentiostat




  • 4-Channel potentiostat with a single factory fitted current range

  • designed specifically for research and development of MFCs.

  • includes 4 independent potentiostats

  • channels can be configured with one counter and four working electrodes or four isolated three electrode cells.

  • channels can be independently controlled to allow different or the same potential to be applied

  • potentiostat is controlled using a PC or laptop.



Techniques and Options

  • Applied Potential        +/- 2.5V

  • Compliance Voltage+/-12V

  • Chrono Sample Rate 250ms to 60mins

  • Number readings 10 to continuous

  • Max Current Range per channel (factory set)     20 mA to 500 mA


  • can be supplied with

    • standard firmware and software

      •  simple testing method Chronoamperometry 

    •  Custom firmware and software

      • more complex testing software including data management and statistics.

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