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Potentiostat Configuration

Dual Potentiostat with WE and CE/REF
Quad Potentiostat with WE, REF and CE
Multi-channel Potentiostat with 32 - 96 channels

Potentiostat Electrode Configuration

Electrode inputs can be configured as

a three electrode potentiostat with Working(WE), Reference(REF) and Counter(CE);

a two electrode potentiostat with a WE and a combined  CE/REF;

a four electrode potentiostat with two WEs, a REF and a CE.

Potentiostat Channel Configuration

Potentiostats can be designed to have,

a single potentiostat channel  with WE, REF, and CE electrodes;

multi working electrodes (1-96) WE with a (1)REF and (1)CE electrodes;

multi-channles having 1- 96 WE, REF and CE electrodes;

multi-channel potentiostats can be either powered by the same power supply or each channel can be electrically isolated.

Current Ranges

The potentiiostat full scale current range can be set from 1nA to 100mA max current. Each range will have a resolution of approximately 1:10000.

Potentiostats can have a single current range or be designed to have a multiple number of ranges with auto-ranging. Current ranges can be manual or controlled by the PC software.

Voltage Compliance

The compliance voltage is the maximium voltage that the potentiostat can apply to maintain the required working electrode voltage. Depending on the design of the potentiostat it can range from +/- 2.5 volts to +/-15 volts.

Cell Isolation

In the majority of potentiostat systems, a method for isolating the cell from the applied potential and the current measurement circuit is included. In our digital potentiostat designs we use a low current leakage relay which switches from cell connections to a dummy cell. This is controlled automatically by the potentiostat microprocessor. In our analogue potentiostats the cell isolation is manually switched with a toggle switch.

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