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User Interfaces and Controls

Instrument Inputs

We can design and provide customer's specific cell electrode connections and configurations. These can be simple 4mm sockets, bnc connectors or shielded multi-way connectors. We can also provide specific cell cables. Potentiostat controls can be simple buttons or switches, membrane keypads, barcode readers or icons on touch screens. Potentiostats can also be controlled directly from laptops or PCs via usb linking cables.

Instrument Ouputs

Potentiostats can be designed with LED indicators showing the status and operating methods. Colour touch screen displays with graphics can be added if stand-alone control is required. These can be simple touch screens with operating icons and text results displayed or full Windows touch screen computers.  Potentiostats can store scans or transmit data in real-time to laptop or PC via usb or wireless connectivity. Custom software can be developed to meet customer's needs.

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